Hi! I'm Lo. 
I'm an aspiring minimalist, mom, wife, photographer, and mental health therapist. 
I started this website about 6 years ago, when we first moved into our home. At first, I used it as a showcase for all of my furniture builds, home improvements, renovations, etc. Now that we're settled and all of our furniture is "accounted for" and decorating accordingly, I've been shifting my focus towards "less."
Since becoming a mom to a rambunctious four-year-old, the clutter in our home has gotten out of control. Whereas before it hid quietly behind the closed doors of our cabinets, spare bedrooms, and basements, my sweet son won't let me forget ANYTHING. He opens doors and pulls out EVERYTHING he can find to explore it, see how it works, etc. Well, for this momma, it's just TOO much. Too much cleaning, too much organizing, too much of putting things back only to have them pulled out again later. Yet, not enough energy.
I've been working towards minimalism on and off for a couple of years now. Things tend to start off well enough- declutter a bunch, remove it from the house, declutter some more, leave it in a pile for donations.. fall into a stand-still. Do nothing for months. Keep shopping, keep buying and bringing more into our home.
It's been too much. The "stuff" needs to go and stop coming in. This year I'm working on getting the extra out and refocusing on the things that matter the most. 
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